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Waterfall Laser Aesthetics

Waterfall Laser Aesthetic Clinic is dedicated to providing consistent patient satisfaction through rendering ethical, professional services and creating a skillful, effective ministration of quality, high end medical aesthetic treatments.  All treatments are solely performed by Marlene Lindsay (co-owner/founder) under the guidance of our medical practitioner, Dr Lawrence Retief (co-owner/founder).  

All patients are medically assessed before any treatment is administered, ensuring the best possible result is achieved and that the patient derives maximum benefit for the cost of the treatment.

Laser Hair Removal and Skin Rejuvenation are popular cosmetic treatments in Johannesburg.  However, medical grade gold standard lasers, such as our GentleMax Pro® Series Laser are only available in medical facilities.  Hence there are not many such laser hair removal machines around.  

We pride ourselves in the manner with which we have been able to assist our patients with image and confidence related issues, not to mention the practicality of having laser hair removal from a dermatological point of view.  Unwanted rashes, ingrown hair and pigmentation are all foibles that many of us have encountered using conventional methods of hair removal.  By having a laser hair removal treatment plan devised specifically for you for the precise area, you will obtain lasting results.
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